Delivery Date

as of warrant
18 months (May 2024)



Project Type

239 Flats

General Information

Province: Antalya

District: Aksu

Block/Building: 15646/3-4 (7)

Company: Arso İnşaat

Architect: Özge Özgün Erol

Plot: 14.345,94 ㎡

Total Flats: 239

Number of Floors: 12

1+1: 197 Flats

2+1 American Kitchen: 30 Flats

2+1 Seperate Kitchen: 10 Flats

3+1 2 Flats

Pool: 1070 ㎡

Children Pool: 90 ㎡

Indoor Pool: 78 ㎡

Fitness: 150 ㎡


Technical Specifications

Compliant with 2018 Earthquake regulations, Building inspection control and TS Standards
C30 Concrete under building supervision
ST420 reinforcement class to be used in the building
Double brick wall between the flats, sound insulation between walls 'İzocam'
Highly insulated 'İzotuğla 25 cm' on exterior walls
'Asaş' Aluminum joinery 102 mm
'Nippon' brand interior and exterior paint
Heat insulated and comfortable glass in exterior joinery
Glass balcony railings (tempered glass) and 'Asaş' brand aluminum
Marble window sills and door sills
Marble residential stairs
'Pilsa' underfloor heating in all flats
'Franke' 1st class kitchen countertop
Interior doors special design lacquer painted laminate door
Laminate flooring in all rooms and living room
'Yurtbay Seramik' in kitchens, corridors, balconies and bathrooms
Rainwater and drain pipes 'Kalde' silent pipe
'Vitra-Artema' in bathroom built-ins
All bathroom sanitary ware and fixture products are 'Vitra'
Aluminum floor drains in balconies, bathrooms and WCs
All insurance and conditioners 'Panasonic Viko'
'Bosch' Brand 3-piece built-in set in kitchens
'Hes' brand electrical installation cables
'Panasonic Viko' brand switches and sockets
'Mitsubishi Electric' air conditioning systems
6 'Kone' elevators
Lighting aluminum case double spotlight
Flat entrance doors specially designed as 'Boyut' 1st class series
Yıldız integrated mdf sheet furniture
'Blum' brand bathroom and kitchen furniture systems
'Sistem' brand room door handles
6.500 Indoor Parking Area
1.160 m² Outdoor Pool - 78 m² Indoor Pool
200 m² Fitness-Sauna-Hammam
Floor Plans
  • Ground
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11

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